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Welcome to New Zealand’s premier skatepark directory. With over 100 skateparks in New Zealand alone, more Australian Skateparks and even some Canadian Skateparks, this should be the first stop on any skateboarding road trip. All the parks listed have photos and directions so you can check them, then head there to skate them.

Oh yeah, I just added Burnside Skatepark as well.

Build your own Mini Ramp WHAT!

We are also now accepting new skateparks from the entire skateboarding community, if you would like to become a contributor all you need is some nice photos of the park and you can submit a skatepark here.


Darfield Skatepark

Sweet little park for this small town in Canterbury. Bowl section opens up into a simple street course.

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Pizzey Skatepark

In addition to the infamous old skool “Pizzey Bowl” there is now a very good modern skatepark with plenty of street sections and a 4-5 foot bowl.

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Arundel Miniramp

Just a very fun miniramp, usually uncrowded even in weekends.

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Seventh Annual BOWL-A-RAMA Wellington

Wellington’s Waitangi Park will once again host the worlds’ best PRO and MASTERS bowl skaters with the seventh annual BOWL-A-RAMA Wellington, from January 29th till February 2nd 2014. Legendary skaters, such as Pat Ngoho and...

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Albany Skatepark

Albany skatepark is very fun with creative lines and  a little street area with ramps, ledges, stairs, quarter pipe and manual pads. It also has 2x Bowls – one is a clover (small and a bit rough) the other is very smooth...

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Port Colborne ‘Algoport’ Skatepark

Large skatepark designed to look like a ship! Yup thats Algoport Skatepark in Port Colborne. 670sqm of flat concrete pavement 430sqm of ramped concrete pavement 88m of round stainless steel coping 75m of square or flush stainless...

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