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Welcome to New Zealand’s premier skatepark directory. With over 100 skateparks in New Zealand alone, more Australian Skateparks and even some Canadian Skateparks, this should be the first stop on any skateboarding road trip. All the parks listed have photos and directions so you can check them, then head there to skate them.

Oh yeah, I just added Burnside Skatepark as well.

Build your own Mini Ramp WHAT!

We are also now accepting new skateparks from the entire skateboarding community, if you would like to become a contributor all you need is some nice photos of the park and you can submit a skatepark here.


Nixon Skatepark

AKA Bond Street Skatepark or Kingsland Skatepark. Small but feature packed skatepark. Mainly tranny but a good amount of street features thrown in to give it a great mix of everything. The taco quarter pipe is pretty cool, as are...

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Let’s turn it up to eleven! For the 11th year of Vans BOWL-A-RAMA™ Bondi we are taking everything to the next level with an overloaded week dedicated to celebrating art, music, film and true skateboard culture with the...

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Hastings Skatepark

The Hastings Skatepark is up there with one of the best in the country. This Jason Parkes designed skate facility, opened 6 October 2013. It features a huge street plaza as well as a separate bowl area. Pretty much everything a...

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Lorne Skatepark

This a great park with a few strange aspects to it. The deep end of the bowl is great fun, but the other end is so great. The park isn’t very good for scooters but fantastic for skateboards and BMX bikes!

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Kensington Skatepark

This concrete 6000 ft² skate park has a pool-style bowl that is 9.5 feet at the deep end (with 1 foot of vertical) and 5 feet deep at the shallow end. The park also includes a mini-ramp and amphitheatre-style...

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Wainoni Skatepark

A circular street course going around the flying fox including stairs, ledges and rails. Not much here but the objects are nicely spaced out so you can get some good lines in. Definitely worth a look. Directions Wainoni Park on...

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