Newlynn Bowl

The concrete here is so old that its almost extinct. Some complete tripper must have designed this but that doesn’t mean that its not skateable. I’m sure there is a line through the snake run and the lower bowl has its merits. Definitely worth the challenge.


Its off Portage Road in a park hidden behind a brown fence.

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Newlynn Bowl, 4.2 out of 5 based on 30 ratings

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  1. I think this park looks like fun, whoever designed it had the surf style in mind, love the graffiti too

  2. built in 79 i believe and 1st skatepark in aotearoa, the recent why it’s so funky is the fella’s measured a park in american but they forgot to reconvert the inches to centimetres hence it’s weird size. top notch park although be aware for the stupid wannabe-gangster c#nts. go there and absorb the history/culture

  3. a n awsome park to skate at i happily skated it for three days straight has a really tight snake run. but is always full of leaves sticks and brocken beer bottles and other wnanbe gangsta shit like that

  4. cool man

    This skate park looks fun, i think im gona go thier this weekend!!!

  5. a full pipe, SERIOUSLY! that shit is mad

  6. hate wannabe gangstas

    Man awesome park but the thing that always wrecks good parks are the wannabe gangsters and druggies in the area and that stops most people sending their kids there.

  7. thanks really helped cool skatepark really gnarly the snake run is pretty tight but it is sweet when you rip it up with an old skool skateboard because it was sort of made for those kind of boards.bowls there are really gnarly nearly broke my ankle there

  8. localskater

    really funpark i just found out about it round the corner from me probs designed for long boarders and skaters but there today where bmxers allgood at least they did not get in our way

  9. sk8west

    best skate park to ride if your into old school lines

  10. home off new zealands most famous skater..and absolute legend LEE RALPH!!!

  11. Jei Sien

    Keen to check it out-skate & relive a piece of Nz Skate history…NO MORE HEROES-!!!

  12. Richard Nilson

    My brother Chris and I skateboarded here 75/76

  13. I couldn’t even find the park $20 of gas down the drain

  14. It’s just on hill cres off portage, such a crazy bowl, snake run is way too sketchy for me but my mate found a nice gap to ollie across the snake run

  15. This can be reached from Portage road but it’s behind some apartments and real hard to spot with the footpath beside the flats heading in and round the corner so not visible from the road. Very close to New Lynn. Shame it’s not made as per American specs or it would really kick ass with my longboard. Snake run is more of a drain sadly, go Lynfield instead…

  16. Hi all, I am the designer, was 17 at the time and we needed a skate park, designed in an afternoon and presented to the counsel that night, it was the first so we did our best, it was the start of bigger and better parks, I am Still proud of what we achieved, knowing, what we started, has not yet been completed, and hopefully many more parks will be built. Cheers

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