Upland Rd Bowl

Shallow dish leading into a snakerun that leads into a very kinked five foot bowl.


Located on Upland Road, in the park behind the kids playground.

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  1. james142


  2. Theyve Strtd doing it up and now its preti mean wid a table top and a quatet into the main bowl with more to com

  3. BMXBOY123


  4. This is sick now. the deep bowl (deepest in Auckland) has been reserfeced and its real smooth. the lip on the quater pipe is also pretty wasted

  5. Skateratheart

    It is a good park sometimes kids with scooters and bikes come and invade it which sucks but all you have to do is run them over and they leave the parents don’t give a shit because it was their risk. The little add on barrier in the main bowl is a little hard to skate but overall good park.

    • p staines

      Skateratheart, you sound like a c(*t. If you hit my kid there I’d string you up off the nearest tree.

  6. Localskater

    This is so different now. they have a quarter in the main bowl which is almost unridable and they have a box on that flat spot which is alright. the bowl has been completely resurfaced and is so smooth probably the best part of the park. They have a fence blocking the transfer from the main bowl to the deep bowl. someone has waxed up a spot in the corner of the snake run so its kinda munted but you can get mean slides on it. I wouldnt go out of your way to come to this park. not much special there.

  7. SkaterDad

    Skateratheart –

    Ya better check that attitude about the kids on the parks. You don’t own the park, it’s public, and the kids have a right to learn and have fun on ‘em just as much as you do.

    SOME of us skater dads might slap a deck across the head of someone who intentionally ran over their kid…

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