Waitangi Skatepark

Half park/half sculpture Waitangi skatepark in Wellington is a great improvement to the old Chafers Skatepark that used to be there. It boasts one of the best bowls in New Zealand and has a 2-3 lane street course that lets you grind the planters, jib the rocks, weave through basket-ballers and whatever else you can fit in while trying to avoid the lure of the bowl. Not an easy task.


It’s opposite New World in Downtown Wellington.

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  1. nah bullshit, this is chafers and will always be chafers.

  2. Sick park! The bowl is so sweet.

  3. Caitlin.K

    The concrete mini ramps could have been a lot better if the builders had put in the same time and effort that they had with the bowl.

    • I totally agree, the mini ramps have some crazy transitions. They also should have kept the old mini from the old Chafers around. That thing was fast

  4. Nuggie Anderson

    Does anyone remember Te Machine down thorndon?? I think some of the ramps that were at the old chaffers park were from there after it got shut down…wasted youth skating wellington…farkn @

  5. Awesome park to skate when its not windy!

    I made a video showing the park, check it out http://youtu.be/SLKfYGu4Jhs


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