Whangarei Skatepark

Well built park with good open layout and flow.


Now if only I could find the directions so you knew how to get there. Oh, here we go, Riverside Drive. Does that help?

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Directions to Whangarei Skatepark

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  1. Go to Whangarei Town Centre, take the road to Whangarei Heads ( Whangarei Heads Road). The Park is on the right just before the BP station, about 3 km up Whangarei Heads Road.

  2. ooops, sorry, Riverside drive is the one prior to Whangarei Heads Road. Check wdc.govt.nz there is a skateparks google map there.

  3. K DAWG

    This park is pretty average. The trany’s fucked as and the concrete is rough as.

  4. this skatepark is kwl

  5. they should add more on ots a bit to small for the amont of people that go there

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