Canada has produced some incredible skateboarders, the names of Alex Chalmers, Rick McCrank and Mark Appleyard spring to mind. The skateparks in Canada helped to turn these skateboarders into some of the most all-round skaters alive, capable of tearing up everything from street to vert with that very Canadian “Giv er” attitude.

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Banff Skateboard Park

Public Skatepark
  • The park features steel framed surfaces covered with Skatelite sheeting and is available for free riding in the spring, summer and fall months, weather permitting during daylight hours. Ongoing m...

Canmore Skateboard Park

Public Skatepark
  • Unique obstacles and a super fun bowl make this skatepark a must skate. The clover type bowl is complete with pool coping, hips, 2 square corners, and some vert. Not to be outdone, the street cou...

Shaw Millennium Park

Public Skatepark
  • The Shaw Millennium Skatepark has 7 hectares, 75,000 sq. ft. of skateable surface making it Canada’s largest free outdoor skatepark. It consists of a street course with ledges, flatbars, st...

Saugeen Shores Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • The Saugeen Shores skatepark is one of those places that just works. All the features you would expect from a decent skatepark, rails, ledges, good transition, along with stairs and a fairly gnar...

Cannington Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • Tons of options to skate at Cannington skatepark. Rails, ledges hips, spine, stairs and a ton of transition give this park a huge variety of features. Something for everyone.

Revelstoke Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • Open skatepark with some fun features including a miniramp.

Kensington Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • This concrete 6000 ft² skate park has a pool-style bowl that is 9.5 feet at the deep end (with 1 foot of vertical) and 5 feet deep at the shallow end. The park also includes a mini-ramp and amphi...

Port Colborne ‘Algoport’ Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • Large skatepark designed to look like a ship! Yup thats Algoport Skatepark in Port Colborne. 670sqm of flat concrete pavement 430sqm of ramped concrete pavement 88m of round stainless steel copin...

Gleneagles Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • Nice open bowl layout that allows for limitless speed lines. With 3 interconnecting bowls ranging from 8, 6, 5, 4ft this skatepark can be super fun just carving lines below the lip. But when your...

Langley Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • Two pyramids, some big lumps. banks and some grinder thingys. Directions 64th Ave on 203 St, keep your eyes open.

New Westminster Bowl

Public Skatepark
  • Lots of smooth lumps make for unlimited super fast lines. Hips aplenty, some ledges around the edges of the bowls but basically pump it and pop it up. Directions On 6th Street, Moody Park, New We...

Parkgate Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • 4ft – 5ft – 6ft bowl area linked with spines and hips. Also a small street area with a pyramid, bank and rails. Lots to do but can get kinda busy as the whole area is not that big. Di...