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Leeston Bowl

Public Skatepark
  • Super fun 4ft bowl with a vert and pool coping extension at one end and a small capsule in another corner. Very rippable, with rumours of another stage being built in the near future. Built by Pr...

Sumner Miniramp

Public Skatepark
  • Super fun little wooden miniramp right in the centre of Sumner village.

Wainoni Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • A circular street course going around the flying fox including stairs, ledges and rails. Not much here but the objects are nicely spaced out so you can get some good lines in. Definitely worth a ...

Darfield Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • Sweet little park for this small town in Canterbury. Bowl section opens up into a simple street course.

Woodend Mini Ramp

Public Skatepark
  • Fast well made mini. Little bit of a mission from Christchurch but fun as to skate. Never seems to be to busy. Thanks to Simon for sending us this skatepark.

Templeton Bowl

Public Skatepark
  • Small park but very skateable. All the ledges are a good size and the bowl if fun even though its more than a little shallow. Directions Heading South take the first right after the Cookie Time F...

Waltham Bowl

Public Skatepark
  • Fast and smooth keyhole bowl. The smaller 4ft end is a little tight but nothing you wont get used to. The larger bowl is around 6ft and the hips joining the two bowl are fun going both ways. Dire...

Washington Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • The super smooth concrete just got bigger with the second stage of this park now completed. The mellow mini ramp section now flows into an openly spaced street course with step ups, step downs, h...

Wycola Bowl

Public Skatepark
  • This park is basically a pit in the ground with a lump in the middle, although its smooth and fast. There aren’t many lines to be had but fun for old skool slash dogs. The vert ramp is pret...

Ashburton Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • Super smooth ‘street’ style park with ledges, rails, gaps, a pyramid and metal park benches. Bright flood lights make skating an option anytime and Mc D’s is right across the ro...

Bishopdale Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • The obstacles here aren’t the most usable, but the random mounds and lump lying around make this place pretty interesting. Definitely worth a look. Directions Go down Harewood Road then up ...

Bromley Mini Ramp

Public Skatepark
  • Rather large mini. A fair bit of flat bottom but because it’s concrete you still seem to be able to generate copious amounts of speed. Directions Took me a while to refind this one. There a...