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Glenorchy Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • Could have one of the best views of any skatepark, although Wanaka Skatepark might have something to say about this. Sweet little setup, nothing amazing or different, just all those things you wo...

Queenstown Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • The old park is gone and now Queenstown have one of the better skateparks in NZ. A super fun street course with a whole lot of random features to keep everyone happy and creative then at the far ...

Alexandra Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • Good street course extension to the existing ice cream tub skate bowl. Always worth a stop if your passing through. Directions The skatepark is located just north of town in the sports complex. I...

Arrowtown Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • Fun little park even if the funbox is a touch steep. Some cool lines and a nice warm glacier fed river to cool off in. Directions Right next to the shops, Nairn Street.

Balclutha Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • Pretty sweet park for a town of this size. A large concrete mini dominates the setup but the hottest feature is the stepped curved ledge you wished you could find on the street, sick. Fun box is ...

Brockville Mini Ramp

Public Skatepark
  • Sweet little mini. Metal, mellow and just a little narrow but no complaints. Directions Head up Brockville Road till you hit the shops at the top. 2nd left onto Saurden Street the 1st right. It&#...

Cromwell Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • Both Twizel and Cromwell have almost identical parks but the Twizel one wins as it as actually skateable. Cromwell is a bit of a joke. Directions Its under the fruit.

Dunedin Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • Damn, a ton of lines and features. If only some of the grinders were a good length it would be unfaultable. Dope 4 foot bowl to rip around in too. Duds baby. Directions Just down the road from th...

Fairfield Mini Ramp

Public Skatepark
  • Sick 5 ft mini which spines into a 7ft mini. Nice and smooth with perfect trannies and big fat coping. There is also a small wee ramp and the locals have a ghetto street setup on the tennis court...

Milton Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • All good really, some fun transfers from big tranny to little and so on and so forth. Directions Heading along the main road going West turn left onto Abercrombe Street and it’s one block d...

Mornington Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • Fun but hard to get used to. Built on a hill so there aint much flow, more of a one hit wonder park. Some crazy shit has gone down here although i don’t know how. Watch the locals for ideas...

Mosgiel Mini Ramp

Public Skatepark
  • Two wooden mini ramps, the larger is around five foot with a good trannie but not too much in the width department. Still one of the better mini’s in Dunedin though. The smaller ramp is alm...