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With the increasing number of Skateparks in Australia, skateboarding is booming. Australia has more skateparks per capita than anywhere else in the world, and almost all of them are good.The Skatepark Hunter

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Aireys Inlet Skatepark

Not sure who designed or built this one. The pyramid is super tight and pretty low, might be some fun with a block of wax, the spine had very little transition to it but could be fun to do ollies over and the quarter at the far...

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Albany Creek Skatepark

Great skatepark. 5-6ft semi clover bowl flows into a very functional street course complete with hips, banks, funbox and ledges nicely laid out for your skateboarding pleasure. Directions It’s on the Old Northern Rd, just...

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Albion Skatepark

Simple park but does the trick, and quite well. Directions Its in Albion Oval, on your right heading South on Highway 1.

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Alexandra Hills Bowl

Two bowls joined by a spine, the smaller is 4 foot with not much flat bottom and the bigger one ranges from 6 – 7 foot with a bit of vert in the deep end. Pretty fun all round but the coping has taken a beating from all the...

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Annondale Mini Ramp

Crazy little metal miniramp, unfortunately the transitions are real mellow and the roll over is a little too much. If it was the other way around this ramp would be super fun. Directions Its is the South West corner of Annondale...

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Arundel Miniramp

Just a very fun miniramp, usually uncrowded even in weekends.

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Ballina Skatepark

This park is soo much fun to skate with multiple transfers, hips, spines, bowled sections and even a bit of street thrown in for good measure. The spines are just over 4 foot with bigger sections scattered about the place. SKATE...

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Beerwah Skatepark

One of those parks where everything is at least 5 ft. Big banks and quarters feed fun boxes and hips. Fast lines to be had in the street (if you can call it that) section and the big 6 ft mini is perfect for long drawn out smith...

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Bega Skatepark

Good for stretching the legs but I would just stick to the cheese tours. Directions On the main road, just North of town on your left heading North.

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Bondi Skatepark

The street course here can take a bit to get used to, and if it’s busy there can often be skateboarders flying everywhere. Multiple lines, hips, transfers and even some vert sections. All of this though is only a warm up...

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