Sydney Skateparks

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Annondale Mini Ramp

Crazy little metal miniramp, unfortunately the transitions are real mellow and the roll over is a little too much. If it was the other way around this ramp would be super fun. Directions Its is the South West corner of Annondale...

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Bondi Skatepark

The street course here can take a bit to get used to, and if it’s busy there can often be skateboarders flying everywhere. Multiple lines, hips, transfers and even some vert sections. All of this though is only a warm up...

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Maroubra Skatepark

Dope park right on the beach. The main feature is the 4ft – 10ft keyhole bowl with pool tiles around the deep end. The street course is filled with the usual stuff and can cater for the crowds that head there every...

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Riverwood Skatepark

Great pool style kidney bowl, street section is kinda random but there are some real fun lines to be found if your creative. Directions Belmore Road, Riverwood (just outta Sydney)

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