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A “Local Shop” listing is a huge opportunity to get your shops name right there on the park as you target local and visiting skateboarders.

Your shop will be listed on all skateparks within your area and directly connect you with skatepark users coming to your area, before they even get there! Our research shows that over 80% of our users are very likely to also visit the local skate/bike shop in the area when visiting a new park if they knew about it.

By purchasing a banner advertisement next to a park(s) within your locality you will be instantly recognised as the first choice for all skate needs and of course all additional purchases. This type of advertising can not be overlooked as it creates instant connection from the local park, to your shop and your new customer.

Local Skatepark items help you stand out from the crowd by allowing you to display an instantly recognisable logo, your company name, website address, phone number, email and street address as well as providing space to introduce yourself, your company and your services to potential customers who are actively skateboarding in your area.

Online store without the bircks and mortar shopfront? We have that covered too. Click here for banner advertising options.

The Skatepark Hunter website offers local business additional exposure through increasing item information and page rank.

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