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Big update to Wanaka Skatepark has seen the addition of a pool style bowl, vert wall, wave with gap feature and the existing bowl getting a fix up. The new Pool is a super smooth, clover style bowl with pool tiles and coping running around the entire thing. Deep in the deep end, probably 12 foot, with two 4-5 foot sections catching you as you speed out before catapulting you back into the abyss. Super fun figure 8’s are a great way to warm up and get used to the size and speed.
The street side of this park is only let down by the small size of the pyramids and the lack of run in/out of a lot of the features. The bowls on the other hand are sick. 4ft joining both 5 and 7ft bowls. Super smooth and good coping all the way round. Tons of speed lines allow you to drop in a rip around all the bowls until you fall off.


Located right next to downtown in Pemroke Park.


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  • Tags Bowl, Flatbank, Funbox, Hip, mini ramp, Quaterpipe, Spine, Street Course, Vert

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Wanaka Skatepark
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Wanaka Skatepark


Wanaka Skatepark

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