Queensland Skate Parks

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Runaway Bay Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • Pretty much your dream miniramp built as a concrete skatepark. The spine and bowl to bowl transfers are where it’s at here.

Varsity Lakes Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • Super fun park with tons of unique street features and a large bowl area with capsule.

Pizzey Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • In addition to the infamous old skool “Pizzey Bowl”, there is now a very good modern skatepark with plenty of street sections and an additional 4-5 foot bowl.

Arundel Miniramp

Public Skatepark
  • Just a very fun miniramp, usually uncrowded even in weekends.

Cairns Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • Being named the biggest skatepark in Australia is a big ask but Cairns skatepark seems to have it all and a bit more. As soon as you start to get close you know there is something special about t...

Nerang Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • Amazing skatepark with everything you would want from any park. Great flowing street course with multiple lines. Euro gaps, ledges and rails all very skate worthy. A fun keyhole bowl and a tech l...

Elanora Bowl

Public Skatepark
  • Elanora skate bowl will scare you. Epic double bowl joined by a 25ft full pipe. Watch the locals to get the lines Directions Elanora bowl is in Elanora park on K P McGrath Drive, Elanora, Gold Co...

Albany Creek Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • Great skatepark. 5-6ft semi clover bowl flows into a very functional street course complete with hips, banks, funbox and ledges nicely laid out for your skateboarding pleasure. Directions It̵...

Capalaba Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • Capalaba skate park is not the most expansive or gnarly but it has everything you need to have a fun skate with a few mates. Directions Capalaba skate park is on Old Cleaveland Road in West Capal...

Paddington Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • Pretty crazy park with all sorts of features and weird transitions. Real good fun though. Directions It’s in Neal McRossan Park, Paddinton, Brisbane.

Fairfield Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • Fun street area but the real deal here is the bowl. A 4-5-6 ft clover with some crazy lines and a little too much speed at times. Directions It’s on Home street, one of the main ones, about...

Jindalee Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • Large open park with maybe a bit too much space in between obstacles. A whole bunch of quarters and bowls ranging from 3.5 ft to 5.5. ft with wedges, hips and mounds making up the rest of the str...