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Victoria Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • The old park is gone (to make room for the motorway construction) and Vic Park now has a new skatepark. Multiple bowl area, steet/garden gaps, mega wall and a whole heap of ledges, stairs and ban...

Bishopdale Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • The obstacles here aren’t the most usable, but the random mounds and lump lying around make this place pretty interesting. Definitely worth a look. Directions Go down Harewood Road then up ...

Hawera Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • Im sure there are some better lines in the mounds than the ones we found and the mini’s are also of an interesting shape. Not hard to have fun here but you will need some imagination. Since...

Milton Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • All good really, some fun transfers from big tranny to little and so on and so forth. Directions Heading along the main road going West turn left onto Abercrombe Street and it’s one block d...

Opunake Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • I did have a photo of the bowl here as well but its gone so here is photo of the tin, skinny vert ramp. Directions The ramp and bowl are next to each other on the main road.

St Clair Vert Ramp

Public Skatepark
  • Vert Ramp, Better Realise Directions Halfway between St Clair and St Kilda pretty much beachfront. Victoria Road.

Waihi Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • Small funbox and ledge added to the main feature of the old bowl. I’m all about the bowl, scares the shit outta me everytime. Directions While driving along the main road through town, take...

Blenheim Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • Dope park, real wide open and spacious. Heaps of room. Grinders are ridiculously grindy and the Quarter pipe seems a little chunky. Plenty of lines and cool stuff to skate. Mean. Directions Headi...

Hoon Hay Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • The only real feature is the clover bowl which is pretty damn fun although kinda tight. It’s all about concrete grinds as the new coping is crazy and they fucked it up. Cardiel would kill t...

Mornington Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • Fun but hard to get used to. Built on a hill so there aint much flow, more of a one hit wonder park. Some crazy shit has gone down here although i don’t know how. Watch the locals for ideas...

Paeroa Skatepark

Public Skatepark
  • Dope park, simple but well thought out. Other councils take note, this is all good. Directions Norwood Road off Station Road. Its in the far end of the park. Not the easiest park to find but i...

Stokes Valley Mini Ramp

Public Skatepark
  • Still my favorite ramp in Wellington, similar to Khandallah but without the slow motion feeling and extensions on both sides. Directions Take Stokes Valley Road till you see Speldhurst park. It&#...